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Vintage 55 was born from the passion of Anglo-American culture. Founded in 1997 as an import-export business of American denim pants and shirts, the brand began to produce its own pieces inspired by the Anglo-American icons and stories in 2000. Inspired by many great dreams and ambitions of the past, where the world of music and cinema had a huge impact on many international icons and artists. Today, Vintage 55 has grown into an international brand creating a complete look for sophisticated yet casual men and women.


Debonair design embodying a modern nomad philosophy.

The perspective of the modern nomad is the designer’s quinta essentia or fifth essence. Vedovato’s ability to deconstruct, comprehend and appreciate the components of a handcrafted garment is second nature. The relentless passion for progressive fabrics, processes and his experience with couture gives the designer the confidence to create. Debonair design embodying a traveller’s spirit sets the landscape for a truly unique brand, known as ITINERIS.

About Marco Vedovato

He is the creative spirit behind Vintage 55 and ITINERIS guiding the harmononious connection between past and present. His authentic craftsmanship and a simple yet elegant style are his signatures. His research and development experience, combined with the passion for understanding cultural heritage, has given Vedovato the opportunity to create a synergy between these two brands. Imagine this union as a single large wardrobe sharing the same casual soul throughout different garments spanning across overcoats, jackets, t-shirts, hoodies, knitwear and shirts.